PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THROUGH THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ASSOCIATED WITH VCGFX LLC by submitting payment to begin your project, you are agreeing to the sole conditions of our business.

This agreement (the “Agreement”) is made on “Date of paid invoice” by and between the “Client” and the “Designer.” In consideration of the mutual agreement made herein, both parties agree as follows: Final Files: We will deliver to you, via electronic mail (or a downloadable hyperlink), within 1 business day after you approve them.

Payments, Invoices, and Deposits
Invoices must be paid within 24-48 hours, or your project will be canceled. No project will begin without full payment using any major credit/debit card. For projects under $600, payments must be paid in full before any work begins. Projects over $600 require a 75% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to begin work. Balance is due when clients receive proof of the design before any revisions are made. No finalized files will be delivered until the balance is paid off. If projects are on hold by the client for over 60 days, there will be a $100 restart fee. After 10 days or (3 business days after proof is sent)  of no communication from you, the client, all projects are marked incomplete and no longer available to continue.

Work and Delivery
Samples are sent for approval purposes only. Samples are not to be copied, manipulated, or distributed. Until projects are complete and final files are delivered to you, the client, all files remain the property VCGFX. Any proofs or files that are not finalized are not included in the quoted cost and will remain the property of VCGFX until you, the client, have paid the invoice for the additional design/s. Clients are responsible for their own content and images. VCGFX is not responsible for any errors or missing information. VCGFX does not provide any content or photos, but stock images are optional. VCGFX can refuse to use any photos that are not high quality. VCGFX will only work with a logo you provide if a high-quality, .png (transparent) file is submitted. Logo files are sent over in .pdf, .png, and .jpg formats. Print files are sent over in .pdf and .png formats. Photoshop (.psd) and Illustrator (.ai) files are available for an additional cost. Once final files are sent and all invoices are paid, the client will have full ownership of their designs.

Any changes or revisions are optional and solely based on the client. Revisions are based on the client’s wishes and may affect the project completion time frame. You, the client, will receive a two revision limit on all projects. If you are not satisfied with the work after the two revisions VCGFX will charge a $20 fee per additional revision request. This is to ensure that all projects are completed in a timely manner. Revisions are minor changes to the design such as fonts, colors, sizing, and layout. All additional add-ons or changes to the design that are not stated in the original design questionnaire or inquiry will incur an additional fee.

Turnaround times for all projects may vary and are subject to change at any time. Logo design turnaround times are up to 7 business days. Website designs can take up to 2-4 weeks, from the date all information is submitted, for completion. Social Media flyers take 3-7 business days to complete. Turnaround times for packages may vary depending on the services in the package and the volume of VCGFX orders and workload. Our goal is to complete all projects within the timeframe, but some may require more time. All project timeframes are an estimate and are subject to change due to workload or unforeseen issues. If for any reason we need to extend the project timeframe, the client will be notified. If needed and there is availability, VCGFX does offer a rush option for an additional cost.

Refunds and Cancellations
VCGFX does not provide a refund for any service. ALL payments are final and graphic design work is non-refundable. If you, the client, wish to cancel your project for any reason, your payment will be forfeited as compensation for the time and creativity placed into your project. VCGFX will decide whether to send incomplete work. VCGFX will retain all rights to any designs if the project is canceled by you, the client. VCGFX can refuse any projects due to unprofessionalism and/or disrespect. This will result in full payment and deliverables being forfeited by the client.

Acceptance of Terms:

The client promises to pay for the services rendered by the Designer for the Work as agreed upon. By paying an invoice or paying on the site (www.visualconceptionz.com), The client agrees they have read, understood, and are considered legally bonded to these terms. All info must be submitted thru email only at visualconceptionz@gmail.com and not by (text / over the phone / Facebook inbox & Instagram direct message.) All info must be sent via email as stated above and not on paper or from a screenshot. By paying an invoice by SQUARE or (www.vcgfx.com) you automatically agree to these terms. The client has 3 business days to approve or ask for a revision or the order will be marked as complete, and files will be sent.

Business Hours and Communication Policy
All communication with VCGFX shall be done strictly via email and phone consultations. For our protection and the client, written documentation of all communication is mandatory. For paper trail purposes, VCGFX does accept phone consultations for a fee. This will ensure that there are no misunderstandings during the process. No communication will be done outside of business hours

We are an Independent Contractor. You agree that we are an independent contractor and not your employee. Although you will provide general direction to us, we will determine, in our sole discretion, the manner and ways in which we will create the design(s) for you. The work that we create for you under this Agreement will not be deemed a “work-for-hire”, as that term is defined under U.S. Copyright Law. Whatever rights we grant you are contained in this Agreement. You agree: (a) to all the terms and conditions of this Agreement and (b) that we have the full authority to enter into this Agreement.

Updated 5/23/2021